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Steve Williams DC, DICS, FICS, FRCC(paed), FBCA

The Importance of Skull Base Function for the Parasympathetic Nervous System

The Importance of Skull Base Function for the Parasympathetic Nervous System, including Treatment Protocols

 The learning outcomes are as follows:

 1)      To have in-depth understanding of how skull based mechanics can be effected by the birth process and alter Para Sympathetic function via the vagus nerve.

2)      To understand and apply treatment protocols aimed at decompressing the jugular foramen in infants and children


Steve Williams DC, DICS, FICS, FRCC(paed), FBCA


Dr Williams has practiced chiropractic and had a significant interest in chiropractic paediatrics for the past thirty years. He lectures extensively to chiropractic, medical and dental groups throughout Europe, the United States and Australia, primarily on the subjects of chiropractic paediatrics and SOT® Methods . He has been the key note speaker for many chiropractic organizations and undertakes more than 20 speaking engagements per year.
Currently Dr Williams is vice president of the British Chiropractic association and he has previously served on the UK regulatory body for chiropractic the General Chiropractic Council 2003-2001. He is also a past president of both SOTO (Sacro Occipital Technique Organization) Europe and SOTO International and was a founding board member of the College of Chiropractors Faculty of Paediatrics.
Dr Williams helped to develop and put through validation and subsequently helped teach the MSc Chiropractic Paediatrics at the AECC and currently teaches the undergraduate paediatric programs at both Madrid College of Chiropractic and Barcelona College of Chiropractic. For a number of years Dr Williams presented a 36 hour certificate series for Logan College of Chiropractic.
Dr Williams is the author of the widely acclaimed book Pregnancy and Paediatrics: A Chiropractic Approach published in 2005 and he is the principle of a large family based practice in Southampton UK specialising in Craniopathy and paediatrics where he still practices.

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