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For every new student member that you sponsor, who lists you as their sponsor, you will receive $20 SORSI Bucks. SORSI Bucks can be used towards all fees, books, videos and training. When you pay for their membership which is only $50, you will receive the $20 to use however you want to. Thanks for your support!


Why be a member of SORSI?

SORSI has been promoting and teaching SOT® Methods and its related disciplines since 1957 and is comprised of the most experienced and successful SOT® Practitioners worldwide. SORSI offers practitioners:

Continuing Education: SORSI promotes quality educational programs for its members by conducting a yearly series of SOT® Methods and CRANIAL seminars held in various regions of the United States. Members receive reduced registration fees.Certification: Examinations in Basic and Advanced Proficiency in SOT® Methods are held twice a year, as is the Certified CRANIOPATH Examination. This examination series encourages SORSI members to strive for excellence in clinical practice.

Clinical Research: SORSI members are given the opportunity to present their own clinical procedures to other members through an annual research conference, through publication in the SORSI E-Newsletter and by publishing in chiropractic journals.

Publications: Accepted Research Papers are available to members at cost. SORSI also publishes and makes available all De Jarnette-endorsed SOT® Methods material.

Staff Assistance: SORSI has staff available to you five days a week to service members needs and requests, and to work with the Board in programming, membership development, publications and communications, long-range planning and the behind-the-scenes administration of the affairs of the association on a day-to-day basis.

Members Only: As a SORSI member, you will have access to the “Members Only” portion of the website.

Display “SOT® Methods” : As a member, you will have the ability to display, “SOT® Methods” on your own website and brochures as a technic you practice.

Discount on Seminar Registrations: As a member, you will receive a discount on seminar registrations for all SORSI seminars.

E-Newsletter: As a member, you will receive our email newsletters and the email version of “The Source.”

Voting Rights: As a current member of SORSI you will have full voting rights on changes in the Bylaws.

Affiliation with International SOT® Methods organizations: As a member, you will have international recognition of being part of the international alliance of SOT® Methods enabling you to transfer and use your credits/hours/certifications wherever you go worldwide.

Website directory: As a member you will be listed on our website directory for patient referrals.

With your financial support, SORSI can promote and further develop SOT® Methods and Cranial chiropractic procedures, which is the legacy of Dr. M.B. De Jarnette. We are dedicated to scientific validation of SOT® Methods and Cranial techniques and constant improvement of the education and certification programs. Please become a dues paying member and help us continue our SOT® Methods research, educational and certification programs!

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