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Compilation of Sacro Occipital Technic™ (SOT® Methods) & SOT® Craniopathy Publications, Poster and Podium Presentations at Conference Proceedings and Other Related Research Materials.

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  • Major Bertrand De Jarnette, DC, DO, 1889 – 1992
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  • SOT® Methods & Craniopathy: Pregnancy and Pediatric Related Articles
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SORSI was created to conduct and support research of Index Medicus quality for the investigation and validation of SOT® Methods and SOT® Craniopathic anatomy, physiology and clinical procedures.

SORSI is charged with the responsibility of exploring the scientific basis of Sacro Occipital Technic™ and SOT® Craniopathy and disseminate research information worldwide. It is also responsible for funding of SOT® Methods research and accumulating and disseminating information from researchers around the world. SORSI also evaluates and explores new chiropractic techniques for possible inclusion into the SOT® Methods and SOT® Cranial procedures.


Basic Science Research

  • Investigation of the craniosacral mechanism
  • Anatomical investigation
  • Physiological effects
  • Histological tissue changes


Clinical Studies

  • Viscerosomatic effects
  • Somatovisceral effects
  • Female disorders
  • Cerebrovascular problems
  • Dystrophic and degenerative changes
  • Geriatric and pediatric SOT® Methods


The duties of SORSI are to provide ongoing efforts to promote SOT® Methods and SOT® Craniopathy through research and through the substantiation and ongoing exploration of current and future technique. These directors are charged with the responsibility to safeguard the integrity of the scientific basis of SOT® Methods and SOT® Craniopathy.


At present, a number of investigations are underway. These vary from bench- oriented investigations, utilizing MRI studies to determine anatomical changes, to outcome measurements of efficacy of treatment protocol.

De Jarnette’s Publications: To understand the Major’s research in the development of SOT® Methods, CMRT™ and Craniopathy, you would have to study his written materials from 1931 through the present date 1986. Each book is a documentation of the research accomplished to that date and each development is contained in the succeeding books, this is perhaps the best documented research period in chiropractic. For a complete PDF list of publications by De Jarnette, visit our store to shop our products.