Reflex Pain Webinar – Christopher Pepitone, DC, AP

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CLASS DESCRIPTION: The human is a reflex being. If there is a subluxation there will be a reflex guarding to minimize the neurological compromise. We are often taught in chiropractic that you find restriction and adjust through it. What if I were to tell you that the brain was protecting the lesion and splinted to reduce motion in the direction that you felt restriction? Would you still thrust deeper into lesion?

In this course you will learn the following:
-The protocol I have developed on how to accurately identify structural subluxation lesions through the Reflex Pain Technique approach.
-How to assess the correct vector of correction to balance structure and break reflex pain and muscle splinting instantly.
-New ways to adjust the occiput to break the pain reflex for all types od pain and to balance the total structure.

After learning this approach you will be able to effectively neutralize the structural reflex defense systems (trapezius and gluteal fibers) of the body and get your patient out of pain fast. You can use this approach as a total spinal assessment or you can use it for non-responsive patients. Stop chasing the fibers. Learn an approach that will produce amazing results.

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