1995 Omaha


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1995 Omaha Homecoming, 1. Infant-Pediatric Care by Gordon Townsend, 1995 Omaha Homecoming, 2. Cranial-Dental Relationships by Harvey Getzoff, 1995 Omaha Homecoming, 3. Sphenobasilar Synthesis Tech by Charles Blum, 1995 Omaha Homecoming, 4. Cranial Vault Evaluation by Gordon Townsend, Omaha 1995-5.Cranial Dental Advance by Dr Pucel, Omaha 1995-6.Chronic or Compensation Cat II by Kurt Larsen, Omaha 1995-7.Dissection Study by Marc Pick, Omaha 1995-8. Category Systems with Cranial by Jon Howat, Omaha 1995-9.Advanced Cervical Adjusting by John Bradley, Omaha 1995-10. Cranial-Headache Procedures by John Bradley, Omaha 1995-11. Lumbar Adjusting for Sciatica by John Bradley, Omaha 1995-12. Pelvic-Sacral Distortions Corrections by Dr. Cote, Omaha 1995-13. Advanced Cranial ROM by Nelson DeCamp, Omaha 1995-14. Cranial Non-Specifics by John Farmer, Omaha 1995-15. Basic Category III by Bill Kessler, Omaha 1995-16. Advanced Category III by Jon Howat, Omaha 1995-17. Basic Category I by Jon Howat, Omaha 1995-18. Advanced-Cranial Dental by Dr Pucel, Omaha 1995-19. Distortions Patterns by Ned Heese, Omaha 1995-20. Advanced Superior/Inferior Innominate by Dr. Decamp, Omaha 1995-21. Cranial Stairstep Expansion by Frank Tortora, Omaha 1995-22. Pediatric Distortions by Jon Howat, Omaha 1995-23. Soft Tissue Orthopedics-Basic Clinical by Catherine Sears, Omaha 1995-24. TMJ Distortions-Range of Motion Analysis by Bob Walker