1998 Omaha


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Omaha 1998-1. Neurophysiology of Extremity Adjusting by Drs Ray & Randy Zindler, Omaha 1998-2. Temporal Sphenoidal Release for Cervical ROM Corrections by John Farmer, Omaha 1998-3. Dura Port Therapy (DPT) by John Farmer plus Sphenobasilar Affects on Condylar/ATLAS RO, Omaha 1998-4. Intergrative Approach to the Treatment of Viscerosoma Dysfunction Complex by Joe Ungen, Omaha 1998-5. Cranial Specific/Non Specific by Joe Unger, Omaha 1998-6. Advanced Cervical Analysis by Nelson Decamp plus Chiropractic Stress for Women by Chri, Omaha 1998-7. Cat II Stress Test by Kurt Larsen plus Advanced blocking by Frank Tortora, Omaha 1998-8. Advanced Fiber Anaylsis by Marc Pick, Omaha 1998-9. Cranial Stairstep by Frank Tortora, Omaha 1998-10. First Aid by Drs Shandyfelt & Heese, Omaha 1998-11. First Aid by Gordon Townsend, Omaha 1998-12. Advanced Upper Extremities by John Farmer, Omaha 1998-13. Advanced Lower Extremities by John Farmer, Omaha 1998-14. Headache Procedures: Palate/Falx Cranial Corrections & Occipital Pump, Occipital, Omaha 1998-15. Personology by Richard Gerardo, Omaha 1998-16. D eJarnette Extremities by Joe Unger #1, Omaha 1998-17. De Jarnette Extremities by Joe Unger #2, Omaha 1998-18. Superior Inferior Innominate by Nelson DeCamp, Omaha 1998-19. Sacral Base Test by Frank Tortora, Omaha 1998-20. Posture Analysis by Ned Heese, Omaha 1998-21. Herniated Disc by Drs Esposito, Remeta & Blum set of 2, Omaha 1998-22. TMJ/Headaches by Skip Skibsted, Omaha 1998-23. Pregnancy/Infancy by Drs Shara & Handly, Omaha 1998-24. Paralysis/Rehab by Drs Esposito & Remeta set of 2, Omaha 1998-25. Cranial Faults by Gordon Townsend, Omaha 1998-26. Otisis Media/Eustachian Tube Technique by Richard Gerardo