2005 Atlanta



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Atlanta 2005-1. Chiropractic Iso Cranial Craniopathy by Dan Madock, Atlanta 2005-2. Self-Blocking, S/I Correction, Anterior/Posterior Translation of the Cervical Spine, Atlanta 2005-3. The Maxilla and its role in the S/I Lesions by Mike Cindrich, Atlanta 2005-4. Postural Structural Balancing by John Crescione, Atlanta 2005-5. Fibromyalgia: What We Know by Joseph Unger, Atlanta 2005-6. Unlayering the Fibromyalgia Condition by Kim Shara, Atlanta 2005-7. Treating & Beating Fibromyalgia by Rodger Murphree set of 2, Atlanta 2005-8. Beyond the Fibromyalgia: The Chiropractic Paradigm by Drs Unger, Rozeboom, Cima, Atlanta 2005-10. Introduction to Practical Clinical SOT set of 2 by Jerry Hochman