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Omaha 2005-1. Physiological Concepts of SOT/Cranial Overview: What is SOT? The big & little pict, Omaha 2005-2. Major Cranial Descending or Ascending. The TMJ Connection by Jon Howat, Omaha 2005-3. Sphenomax Craniopathy Cat III Anterior by Curtis Buddingh, Omaha 2005-4. Sphenomax Corrections. The Maxilla and its role in S/I lesions by Mike Cindrich, Omaha 2005-5. Cervical Cranial Fixation Syndrome by Skip Skibsted, Omaha 2005-6. De Jarnette TMD. Body Indicators, Sutural TMD by Jerry Hochman, Omaha 2005-7. Introduction to De Jarnette Cranial, Symptoms by Drs Unger & Bloink, Omaha 2005-8. Diagnosis, Inspired Mind Language, Cranial & TMJ Lesions by Mike Cindrich, Omaha 2005-9. Sphenotemporal Wheel Technique Myofascial Stretching of Lig w/TMJ Balancing Tech, Zygo, Omaha 2005-10. Dental Maxilla w/Southerland Cant Hook Prone Disc Tech by Drs McDonnell & Townsen, Omaha 2005-11. Trimesters 1,2,3, Post Partum by Suzanne Seekins, Omaha 2005-12. Breastfeeding, Birth Trauma (some areas have no sound but can be read) by Drs Seekins, Omaha 2005-13. Pelvic Adjusting, restoring tone in pregnancy, child adjusting by Steve Williams, Omaha 2005-14. Pediatric Management, Neonatal Syndromes, nutrition, Body & Cranial Specific Synd, Omaha 2005-15. Histortion & exams of babies structure & reflexes, adjustment of sacrum &, Omaha 2005-16. Basic Cat III, leg balancing, pain control by Ned Heese, Omaha 2005-17. Advanced Cat II-Rehab & Nutrition by James CMA, Omaha 2005-18. Beginning Cranial Palpation. Working levels by Marc Pick, Omaha 2005-19. TMD Current Concepts. TMD Emotions & Stress, Practical Adjustments by Thomas Bloi, Omaha 2005-20. Anatomy & Physiology of Sacral Cranial Dural Release, Dura Port Adjust by John Fa, Omaha 2005-21. Fibromyalgia Exam Findings, Manage Care, Nutrition by Dr Murphree, Omaha 2005-22. Occipital Condyle Adjustment, Sacral Indicators by Bob Apol, Omaha 2005-23. Fixation Syndrome, Cervical Cranial Adjusting by Skip Skibsted, Omaha 2005-24. Orthopedic Blocking by David Rozeboom