2006 ST Louis


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St Louis 2006-1. Cervical Dural Release in the presence of S/I Hypermobility by John Crescione, St Louis 2006-2. Cervical Spine Corrections: Muscle Myofascial Release, Temporal Sphenoid Release, R, St Louis 2006-3. Cross Crawl Pattern for Neurological testing by Nelson Decamp, St Louis 2006-4. Sub Occipital Compression Technique by Paul O'Brien revealing the hidden category, St Louis 2006-5. New Research on Cerebrospinal Fluid Dynamics by Don Glassey, St Louis 2006-6. MS Patient utilizing chiropractic w/cold laser therapy, Analysis & treatment by, St Louis 2006-7. CMRT:Lumbar 3 Gonad Reflex Points by Leo Powers, St Louis 2006-8. Ancillary Procedures for Optimizing Neuro/muscular to block Cat IV by Dan Madock, St Louis 2006-9. SOT Procedures for the Doctor by John Crescione