This new text boasts over 230 beautiful glossy full color pages and is one of the ONLY internationally approved text to learn SOT® Methods from. This will also be one of the texts used to study for exams come 2013. These texts are a compilation of De Jarnette’s orginal work coupled with current research. It includes various images and hands on instruction for EVERY SOT® Methods clinic.

2012 Chiropractic Craniopathy Manual is a compendium of cranial adjustments that have been developed over the past nearly 100 years. You will learn anatomy, neurology, cranial movement patterns, landmarks, pathologies, and more. The ultimate reference guide when you are learning craniopathy.  

A must have book for your library if you are serious about learning and practicing craniopathy. Easy to reference for various cranial adjustments and even provides you with indications and contraindications for every move. This is invaluable when dealing with complex cases in your office.