Sacro Occipital Technic: Categories 117 pages of full color and illustrations. Basic-Advanced Categories text.   This is the NEW 2012 international standardized text used through out the world to certify in SOT® Methods through SORSI only.

The 2012 Sacro Occipital Technic: Categories text provides an introduction to SOT® Methods. This text provides you with an introductory understanding about the anatomy, physiology, and pathomechanics behind the category protocols as well as how to diagnose and treat according to SOT® protocols. This text allows you to gain the understanding of the transverse planes in the body and how to balance them along with introductory visceral and cranial procedures. 

This book is the first step to being a better doctor. It will provide you with a perspective and knowledge that will allow you the ability to innovate treatments for patients to exceed their expectations of healing. Welcome to the rabbit hole.