2016 Denver Fall



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1. Dr. Decamp – What is man Body Functions Neurology & Muscles, Cranial ROM, 2. A. Dr Apol – Stairstep Adjusting Suboccipital Fiber Corrections Rib & Anterior Thoracic Adjusting….B. Drs. Bench & Ourganian – How to Exam & Adjust Upper Extremities., 3. Dr. Farmer – Cranial & Hidden Cat. 2 Pelvic & Lower Extremities, 4. A. Drs. Froelich & Bochicchio – Category 3 Sciatic Traction Cervical Gluteal Indicators H/H Release Psoas Balance Review Vasomotor SB+ SB- Adjusting….B. Dr. D'Antonio – Category 1 Procedures….C. Dr. Hochman – Cranial Corrections Plus Trap Fi…, 5. a Dr. D'Antonio – Cranial Basic 1,2,3….b. Drs. Froelich and Thomas – How to exam Cat 2 Patients Short leg, Sacral Cup Clinical Consideration, 6. Drs. Seekins & Ourganian – Basic of CMRT & Occ Fibers Palpation & Adjusting Visural Dysorders Cranial Correct area spread tracking Speech Issues Pediatrics Development Eye Movement Test, 7. a. Dr. Taylor – CMRT Occ Fibers Palpation Fiber 1 Coronary system adjusting plus Psoas…..b. Dr. Quill – Patient Management & Adjusting, 8. a. Drs Michael & Apicerno – Cat II Examination Procedures & Adjusting Corrections….b. Drs. Pearson & Schaffer – How to exam a patient 5 step analysis.., 9. a Dr. Cindrich – Rib cage and its Disconnects, Whole body exam & adjustment, H/H Release, Psoas Balance….b. Dr. Shara – Maxiller Palatine Spread Adjustment….c. Dr. Unger – Cranial Adjusting with Intent O Fivers Adjusting Sutural Research P…, 10. a. Dr Seekins – Testing Patients with New Applications, Good Sensitivity VS Allergies…..b. Dr. Boro – What is a Subluxation Patient care research, 11. A. Dr McDonald – Temporal TMJ adjusting Maxilla Palatine spread…..b. Dr. Shara – Fiber 7 Adrenal Syndrome CMRT Corrections….c. Dr DanBlynker – Trap 6 T* L4 Adjusting CMRT Liver Colon, Treatment for Migranes, 12. a. Drs. Michael, McDonnel, Rosa – Sphenoial, Frontal, Paretal, Adj Maxilla, Palatine, Spread….b. Dr Shara – Cranial, Facial stretch Sutural Release Plus, 13. Dr. Madock — Patient Management Exam, Diagnosis, & Adjusting solf tissue adjusting 6 points K5 Syndrome, Occ Fiber 7, Cranial Sutural adjusting, CMRT nutrition test, 14. Dr. Pick — Spinal Dura Impulses Introduction to SOT® & Cranial overview of Body Functions, CRI Synchondrosis Cranial Sutures, Occipital Temporal Frontal plus Spinal Dura Impulses 1st , Cranial Indicators & Adjusting, 15. DR Pick 2nd dvd – Teach Drs while they are adjust. Cranial A7P control over the body, cranial & Brain Functions