Dorsal Block/ Sacral Block (Not Pelvic adjusting blocks)


These are NOT the certified DeJarnette Adult blocks that most doctors use. These are NOT for pelvic adjusting! These are specific for sacral or anterior adjusting. This is a great product to help adjust anteriorities especially for the smaller framed doctors. Dimensions 9X7X4?


Black (STA 22)

Black Cherry (STA 17)

Cardinal (STA 23)

Chaps (CY 13)

Coastal Blue (STA 19)

Dark Teal (STA 16)

Forest (STA 25)

Madder Brown (STA 21)

Navy (STA 20)

Peacock (STA 14)

Raspberry (STA 18)
Ruby (STA 24)

Silver Ash (STA 12)

Water (CY 09)
White (STA 11)
Wine (STA 15)

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Black, Black Cherry, Cardinal, Chaps, Coastal Blue, Dark Teal, Forest, Madder Brown, Navy, Peacock, Raspberry, Ruby, Silver Ash, Water, White, Wine