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The mission and commitment of SORSI have always been focused on research to educate practitioners to be able to give better care. We continually strive to improve through research and publications. SORSI takes great pride in the way that it is aligned with the International Alliance (SOTO-I) in its educational material, seminars, and global certification. SORSI is the only organization in North America that is a member of the International Alliance and is qualified and approved to teach SOT® Methods. 

For decades SORSI has provided Chiropractors and Chiropractic Assistants opportunities to learn, practice, and teach SOT® Methods. “Since 1929…the Source for SOT® Methods.”

Check out our upcoming events for a listing of educational opportunities!

2021 SORSI Homecoming Chiropractic SOT® Training and Research Seminar

When: September 30, 2021

“Since 1929…the Source for SOT® Technic Training”

2021 SORSI Chiropractic Homecoming Seminar Denver, CO


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Basic Considerations in SOT® Method towards Sexual Dysfunction with Dr. John Crescione DC, DICS

When: August 11, 2021

LIVE Webinar!

8pm US, Eastern Time

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CMRT – L5 – Prostatic – Uterine (Male & Female) with John Crescione DC, DICS

When: August 21, 2021


Masters Series
Aug 21, 2021 (Saturday) at 11 AM Eastern (US)

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