Sacro Occipital Research Society International

About us

Sacro Occipital Research Society International was founded in 1929 with the aim of preserving and promoting Sacro Occiptial Technic™ and Chiropractic Craniopathy as developed by Dr. M.B. DeJarnette. In 1957 SORSI became the official home of Sacro Occiptial Technic™ (SOT® Methods) and SOT® Craniopathy Methods education and certification. SORSI seeks to build on its foundation through the application, publication and development of its guiding principles. SORSI commits itself to the advancement of SOT® Methods through research and education as well as professional relationships. SORSI strives to act in the spirit of unity and cooperation with the SOT® Methods affiliated international community to foster excellence in healing.

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SOT Doctors are trained in this specialization and can help with pain relief for a variety of illnesses and injuries. Use the search drop down to locate an SOT Doctor in your area. If you know a chiropractor who is not certified in SOT methods, refer them to our organization where we can assist them with the certification process.

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Meet Our Team

"The SORSI Board of Directors, will guide the SORSI membership at large while preserving the integrity of Dr. M.B. De Jarnette’s teachings. We will seek growth of membership, provide quality seminars, represent SORSI internationally, encourage research programs, provide mentorship and encouragement to new and student SOT® Methods doctors and initiate creative fundraising projects to create a financially viable organization. Our current business plan and directives of previous boards will be the priority guidelines directing the management of SORSI. We will pursue these goals with integrity, honor, passion, commitment and with respect for all."


  • Tom Bench DC, CC
    President CV

    2018 Executive Board
    Evolution Chiropractic
    1410 E 17th St
    Idaho Falls, ID 83404
    P: 208 552-9600 | F: 208-524-6402

  • Joseph F. Unger DC, FICS
    President Emeritus CV

    2821 N Ballas Rd Ste 105
    Saint Louis, MO 63131
    (314) 872-9955

  • Michael Cindrich DC, DICS
    VP of Education CV

    2018 Executive Board

    Tenth Street Chiropractic
    15 East 10th Street
    Suite 1-C
    New York, NY 10003

  • Christopher Ourganian DC, CCSP, ATC
    Board Member CV

    2960 Immokalee Rd Ste 1
    Naples, FL 34110
    (239) 513 9800

  • Dan Foss DC
    Board Member CV

    Pura Vida Chiropractic, PLLC
    2318 NW Military Hwy #103
    San Antonio, TX 78231

  • Jason Van Sickle DC
    Board Member CV

    Evolution Chiropractic
    1410 E. 17th Street
    Idaho Falls, ID  83404
    P: 208-552-9600 | F: 208-524-6402

  • Chris Pepitone, DC
    Board Member CV

    Pure Health NJ
    280 State Route 35, Suite 204
    Red Bank, NJ 07701
    P: 732-747-0083 | F: 732-747-6652

  • Stéphane Provencher DC, DICS, CKTP
    Board of Research Chairman CV

    8006 Crescent Park Drive
    Gainesville VA 20155
    (571) 248-0695

  • Deirdre D’Antonio DC, CC
    Board of Examiners Chairman CV

    10 Crater Lake Ave
    Medford, OR 97504

  • Denise Moody
    SORSI Administrator CV

    2184 Channing Way #460,
    Idaho Falls, ID 83404

    913-239-0228 \ fax 913-239-0305