1999 Omaha


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Omaha 1999-1. Upper & Lower Extremities by Drs Unger & Monk set of 3, Omaha 1999-2. Pediatric exam & adjustment by Marty Rosen set of 3, Omaha 1999-3. Cranial Growth & Development by Jon Howat, Omaha 1999-4. Hyperkyphosis & Cranial Decompensation by Charles Blum, Omaha 1999-5. De Jarnette Resistance & Contraction by Ned Heese, Omaha 1999-6. Dynamics Spinal Analysis Cat I & II by Jerry Hochman, Omaha 1999-7. MRI Case studies, Pediatric Case History by Esposito, Omaha 1999-8. Shoulder Technique by Esposito, Omaha 1999-9. Dura Port Therapy & Sacral Segmental Adjusting by John Farmer, Omaha 1999-10. Dissection-Anatomy & Physiology by Marc Pick, Omaha 1999-11. Occipital Fibers & tongue analysis by Marc Pick, Omaha 1999-12. Chronic Compensated Cat I & II by Kurt Larsen, Omaha 1999-13. SOT Office Practice Management by Jon Howat, Omaha 1999-14. TMJ Corrections by Drs Larsen & Crescione, Omaha 1999-15. Intro to Cranial by Jon Howat, Omaha 1999-16. Advanced Cat I by Kim Shara set of 2, Omaha 1999-17. Category Review by Charles Blum set of 2, Omaha 1999-18. Neurology of Cat II by Nelson DeCamp, Omaha 1999-19. Headache procedures (BEST) Spheno Basilar-Palate Falx Technique by Drs Farmer & T, Omaha 1999-20. Cervical Indicators by Nelson DeCamp, Omaha 1999-21. Infant Care by Virginia Handly, Omaha 1999-22. Cranial Rhythm Index by Frank Tortora